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PhD, University of Florence / ARCO Lab

I am a Ph.D in Policy and Economics of Developing Countries at the University of Florence. I focus my research on resilience disability, food security and impact evaluation. My PhD thesis was on the resilience of Nicaraguan farmers to Mitch Hurricane. After it I have been conducting a fiueld research on the resilience of Bergamot producers in Southern Italy. I have gained a strong experience in the field of quantitative data analysis and I am able to handle the main statistic and econometric techniques and softwares. I joined ARCO Lab and the Deprtment of Economics of the University of Florence as Post-Doc Researcher in March 2012 and since then his main duty has been to carry on several consultancies (e.g. Action Aid-Italy and UNDP), to coordinate a field research on the social and economic impact of acquired brain injuries, to work in the European team of DISCIT (a7FP research project) and more recently to conductfield research in Palestine and Ethiopia

Key research Interests: resilience, disability, food security, impact evaluation

Skype: cianiskioppa