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Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Prior to joining the ASU in Fall 2015, Chingwen Cheng was a visiting scholar at the Risk Society and Policy Research Center at the National Taiwan University and post-doctoral research fellow at the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan.

Cheng has been dedicated to engaging transdisciplinary research to advance resilience theory in design practices through investigating climate change impacts on urban water systems and social-ecological vulnerability and the role of green infrastructure to enhance resilience under the consideration of climate justice for long-term sustainability of communities.

Cheng has investigated the climate change and land use change impacts associated with urban growth through scenarios and hydrological modeling (SWAT) on flooding hazards in addition to the empirical evidence of Climate Justice - uneven distribution of climate change associated environmental hazards exposed to socially vulnerable groups. Moreover, she has investigated the effects of green infrastructure in mitigating climate change-induced flooding and its role in serving as adaptation strategies. Current research efforts examine the resilience theory and design implications and assessment of green infrastructure performance for their ecosystem services benefits and their adaptive capacity to climate change. Finally, efforts are underway to engage communities, especially socially vulnerable groups, to learn how climate risk perception and adaptation actions across institutional scales that influence green infrastructure decision-making in order to address climate justice in design.

Key research Interests: Green Infrastructure, Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Justice, Urban Water Resilience