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University of Melbourne

Professor of Landscape and Environmental Sociology in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, Science Faculty University of Melbourne, Australia. Research focuses on social-ecological systems, critical systems theory, complexity and resilience. The research lab is engaged with projects associated with land and water management, environmental policy and planning, critical theory in areas associated with rural and regional communities and issues of democracy, participation and governance in relation to the wider landscape. Since 2010 the LES lab has developed a significant portfolio in relation to disaster--fire, flood, storm surge, sea rise, drought, economic and social stress--arguing that there is a significant divide in the definitions and implementation of ideas of risk and resilience as a consequence. Students in the PhD, Masters and Honours levels engaged with the LES lab have interdisciplinary projects and a commitment to advancing theory in areas as diverse as mining, water governance, food security, biodiversity adaptation, ecological restoration, social memory, and youth well-being.

Key research Interests: critical social ecological systems thinking