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Researcher, University of Florence - ARCO Lab

I am a Ph.D in Policy and Economics of Developing Countries at the University of Florence. I focus my research on disability, analysis of marginalisation processes, vulnerability and resilience.Over the years, I have gained a strong experience in the field of quantitative data analysis and I am able to handle the main statistic and econometric techniques and software. I joined ARCO in March 2012 and since then my main duty has been to carry on several consultancies (e.g. Action Aid-Italy, UNDP, EUROPAID), to coordinate severall field research both in Italy and abroad (e.g. Palestine, Ethiopia etc.). In the meanwhile I have been working on in the European team of DISCIT (a EU funded research project on disability) and on other research initiatives at international level.

Key research Interests: Resilience, marginalisation processes, disability

Skype: cianiskioppa

Recent Posts

The Resilience of Bergamot Farmers to Economic Shocks in the Reggio Calabria Province

Bergamot is a citrus fruit chiefly used in the fragrance industry and mainly cultivated in the Reggio Calabria district (Italy). The primary purpose of the study was to assess the contribution of bergamot production to farmers' livelihood resilience and to analyse the evolution of the bergamot sector over last years. This article is based on the quantitative analysis of originally collected data originating from the interviews to 326 farmers. The study demonstrated that bergamot production in a stable market provides an opportunity to diversify income sources and foster household resilience. Moreover if adequately supported the sector can be an engine of growth for thewhole district.