Members > Trevor Hesselink

Director, Policy and Research, Wildlands League

Passionate environmental sector professional. Keen to learn, and to contribute towards positive behavioural changes to the contemporary human-biosphere relationship. A professional generalist, with expertise in environmental policy, systems problem-solving, evidenced-based public environmental decision-making, and the engagement of subject matter experts.

Research: linear disturbance configuration effects, watershed catchment dynamics, environmental law, wilderness resilience, organizational/governance dynamics, and applied semiotics at the interface of science and decision-making.

Subject matter interests also include: the Boreal forest and Hudson Bay lowland focal ecosystems, caribou, carbon, and mercury vectors, in the context of large-footprint industrial systems: logging, biomass, mining, road access, and transmission.

Key research Interests: linear disturbance, watershed dynamics, wilderness resilience, governance, organizational dynamics, semiotics, boreal, Hudson Bay lowland, caribou, carbon, mercury, landscape change