Concepts and Practices of "Resilience": A compilation from various secondary sources.

This is one of the pioneering compilations of the literature on resilience. Right after the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, when the Coastal Community Resilience (CCR) program of the USAID-IOTWS was shaping up, this compilation by Atiq Kainan Ahmed (Social Scientist, USAID-IOTWS Program Integrator), developed a detailed scan of exiting works ranging various definitions (academic and institutional), concepts, and practices of resilience-related works til then a state of art. This literature provided a ready reference for researchers and practitioners to align their then working concepts and framing of the concept. This publication is archived in the USAID's online pdf archival portal and remains to date as one of the pioneering compilations of concepts and practices of resilience. Further information can be sought from the author over email at:

Contact: Atiq Kainan Ahmed

Project Dates: 2006

Keywords: Resilience, Coastal Community Resilience, Community Resilience, Integrated Coastal Management