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The Business Case for Sustainable Cities
Jul 01, 2016
Making Urban Centers Inclusive, Safe & Resilient - Webinar 20 July 2016
How can cities help us achieve a +1.5C world?
Jun 21, 2016
Webinar 29 June 2016
The Bottom Line
Dec 03, 2015
Article on the voice of leading businesses and investors at COP21
What is a chief resilience officer - and what are they doing in Mexico City?
Nov 11, 2015
Article on chief resilience officers in: The Guardian
Welcome to the RCN open network
Sep 23, 2015
The new Resilience Connections Network is a virtual space for interaction between global thought leaders, resilience science experts and practitioners. Through this online networking platform, individuals working or interested in resilience thinking will have the opportunity to share insights, engage in discussion, and gain exposure to best practice in resilience science and implementation.
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