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Research Associate, University Bonn

Mahsa is a postdoctoral researcher based in Bonn, Germany. Her expertise lies in resilient and sustainable smart cities, climate change transformative adaptation, crowdsourcing and volunteered geographic information (VGI), and urban analytics. Her current research focus is on integrating crowdsourcing and volunteered geographic information for urban transformative resilience.

Mahsa also lectures on Sustainable Urban Development, Spatial Decision Support System, and resilience of transportation systems in disaster situations in the Master's Program of Geodetic Engineering program.

Overall, Mahsa's research and teaching demonstrate her commitment to creating sustainable and resilient cities based on innovative approaches. She brings a unique perspective to her work, having studied and worked in several countries, including Germany and Iran. Her work highlights the importance of reflective governance, data and technology innovation, and community engagement in resilience planning, as well as the need for transformative and interdisciplinary approaches to address complex urban challenges in times of accelerating global forces such as climate change and unsustainable development.

Key research Interests: Resilient and Sustainable Smart Cities, Climate Change Transformative Adaptation, Urban Analytics, Crowdsourcing and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)

Skype: mahsamoghadas