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Senior Lecturer Researcher, KU Leuven

I obtained degrees in labour and organizational psychology, social and cultural anthropology and philosophy at KU Leuven. After my studies I started as a research assistant at KU Leuven. Then I went to South America (Uruguay and Ecuador) to work with squatters', indigenous' and poor peasants' organizations in NGO projects. Later I coordinated two projects of the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR-UOS) at the University of Cuenca. These projects enabled me to reconcile my academic and social interest. After 15 years I returned to KU Leuven where I finished a PhD thesis about multiactor collaboration, local communities and sustainable development, based on case studies in which I was involved in Ecuador. Currently I have a full time position as senior lecturer-researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Business Management of KU Leuven at Campus Brussels. I am teaching Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational learning and development, and Qualitative Research methodology in various master programs. My research is focused on the relational process in collaborative initiatives between government, business and civil society, to deal with complex sustainability questions. I belong to the research Centre for Economics and Corporate Sustainability (CEDON). Most research is done in interdisciplinary networks with colleagues belonging to other departments of KU Leuven, and other universities in Flanders and abroad, as well as with practitioners and consultants, especially through the Cycloop network ( )

Key research Interests: multi-actor collaboration, social learning, collaborative governance, corporate responsibility, North-South development, participatory action research, relational process facilitation, complexity leadership, social constructionism, knowledge co-creation,

Skype: Marc.Craps