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University of Colorado

I am an environmental anthropologist with experience in community development as a Peace Corps (Mali, West Africa) and AmeriCorps (East Biloxi, MS) volunteer. The aim of my academic pursuit has been to help build capacity within communities to address drivers of change (economic, social, political, and environmental). My research focuses on political ecology, resilience, social capital, and community competency and integrity. I also have 4 years of experience in architectural design, prototyping resource-efficient building assemblies.
My ethnographic research into understanding Colorado mining communities who are navigating the EPA
Superfund process generated insights and clarity on how the various levels of government response processes to
environmental remediations affect communities' sense of integrity and social capital. In my role at the
Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, I have utilized my design/build skills to reimagine the
reconstruction of communities after the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Key research Interests: political ecology, resilience, social capital, community competency, integrity, design, prototyping, design thinking, architecture, ethnography, anthropology, housing, sustainability, qualitative research, design research