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Researcher, Nelson Mandela University

Dr Tajudeen Sanni has his LLD/PhD in Public Law at Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Sanni is currently a Senior Lecturer at the School of Law at Kampala International University, Uganda and a Research Associate, Department of Public Law, Nelson Mandela University, and Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He is the Chairman of Environmental and Energy Law Forum, Kampala International University and the Founder of Environmental Action Initiative at Islamic University in Uganda where he also teaches. Dr Sanni specializes in Public International Law, Law of the Sea, International Economic Law, Environmental Law, and International Energy Law. He has taught course units such as Public International Law, Law of the Sea, Humanitarian and Refugee Law and Policy, Jurisprudence, Equity and Trust among others. He has keen interest in justice advocacy and research as exemplified by the founding of Academics against Injustice in which he is currently the Chairperson. Dr Sanni has academic publications to his credit and belongs to a number of professional associations such as Association of Environmental Law Lecturers in Africa, International Law Association, Society of International Economic Law and Society of Legal Scholars, UK.

Key research Interests: Law of the Sea,Public International Law,Environmental Law,International Economic

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The paper dwells on the issue of African -EU migration.It examines how the new African Continental Free Trade Agreement may help facilitate african development and free movement of persons across the continent.The paper posits that many EU countries have historical responsibility for African underdevelopment and hence must not shy away from the consequences such as migration to Europe from former African colonies.The paper also posits that this doesn't,however, doesnt excuse or detract African leadership from from the responsibility of good governance.It is a case of Common but differentiated Responsibility.One means by which this may be assured is to join hands in ensuring that the integration of objectives of African Continental Free Trade Agreement are realised.