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Counselor at Law & Resilience, Stack Law, PLLC

Educated in biology and law at Cornell, NYU and SUNY UB (and the Peruvian rain
forest), Josh is an ecological builder and a practicing (sometimes recovering) attorney,
assisting clients in deliberating for our children's adaptive health and resilience. He
focuses in translating resilience science and city and systems scale biomimicry to a
diversity of design, construction, policy and planning and strategic community
initiatives. He also advises clients as a land use/environmental attorney.

Recent projects include: forming a regional biomimicry network; designing and
managing a city-scale deconstruction pilot program (based on systems biomimicry and
resilience science); deriving a land use/zoning framework from the ecological
landscape in which the urban neighborhood was immersed; developing a decision
making process for design, construction, policy and planning, and strategic initiatives
inspired by the social-ecological uniqueness of place; constructing/managing
sustainable construction and LEED for Homes projects; and representing a variety of
clients (both citizens groups and businesses) in the land use process in NYS.

Josh shares this experience, both locally and internationally, as an invited speaker.
Recent talks include Living Futures 2015, Resilience2014, Greenbuild, SXSW Eco, the
Omega Institute for Sustainable Living and a diversity of other venues.

Key research Interests: resilience, law, biomimicry, biophilia, regenerative design

Skype: @JoshStack