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Climate Change, Risk and Resilience Practice Leade, GeoAdaptive

Dr. Enrico Ponte is the global Climate Change, Risk and Resilience Practice Leader at GeoAdaptive. He is urban and environmental specialist with 8 years of expertise in the analysis and design of rapidly changing regions and cities. He holds a Ph.D. in Environment and Territory from the Politecnico di Torino.
At GeoAdaptive, Dr. Ponte has focused his work on developing measures, plans, and strategies to reduce the impact of climate change in cities of the Global South. He has vast experience in the development and integration of geospatial risk assessment to improve decisionmaking at different governance levels in more than 14 countries. Throughout different projects Dr. Ponte has engaged in several activities to improve climate change preparedness, such as on-site training, focus groups involving local and international authorities, conference interventions, and the development of adaptation and mitigation plans. Dr. Ponte is committed to creating conditions that increase community, environmental, and urban resilience for present and future contingencies brought by climate change. For this purpose, he has developed innovative mainstreaming approaches to address capacity and organizational needs in intermediate cities. For GeoAdaptive, he is also leading an array of efforts related to the European market, such as H2020, and LIFE+.

Key research Interests: Climate Change, Climate Adaptation, Resilience, Urban Sustainability

Skype: geoadaptive.ponte