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Social-ecological Resilience researcher, Schumacher Institute

I use food to explain the social, ecological and economic problems we've created, and use food to explain how we can regenerate soil, soul and society.

Permaculture is the vision the Left is looking for. By promoting diversity, redundancy, connectivity and participation permaculture breaks down the hierarchies and patriarchy holding this current system together and redistributes resources to reverse environmental destruction. Through observation and careful design permaculture regenerates resources, reduces our consumption, reuses what we have come to call 'wastes' and recycles what we can't use. It empowers citizens to make changes in their communities and proves the impossible is possible. Permaculture is social-ecological resilience in action.

What I do:
Business: help ethical businesses transition to a circular economy
Social Enterprise: help get innovative ethical food projects of the ground
Research: use participatory tools to build trust and understanding among stakeholders working for change
Volunteering: give back to my community, cooking community meals using waste as food (literally)

Key research Interests: Permaculture, social-ecological resilience, power, agency, Ayurveda, holism, systems thinking