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Research Associate, University of the West of England

Sophie's passion lies in working creatively to:

involve citizens in decision-making processes related to climate change and environmental justice. From micro-scale community actions to macro-scale political meddling, Sophie works across scale to support citizens act on things that matter to them.
evaluate projects that seek to involve citizens in urban health and environmental actions.
connect and partner with organisations working towards similar goals.
Sophie is a member of the Science Communication Unit, and currently sits within the Air Quality Resource Management Centre (AQRMC). Her projects have included:

Shape Our City, where she coordinated creative consultation to encourage community actions and involvement in public health decision making with Bristolians. Part of national project Upstream. Funded by the Wellcome Trust
Sci Comm South West, Project Coordinator of the first science communication conference tailored to a South West audience
Bristol Ageing Better, part of a national project, exploring ways in which to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older people, Sophie led on the evaluation of the food and nutrition strand. Read Sophie's Bristol Ageing Better evaluation report (PDF).
ClairCity, disseminating the outputs and creating educational materials of this four-year Horizon 2020 project that involved thousands of citizens across Europe in the shaping of policies for air pollution and carbon emission reductions
WeCount, evaluating the effectiveness of this two-year citizen science project in involving citizens in traffic data collection, analysis and action
DETI Inspire, leading on the content and design of curriculum-linked educational resources, for this WECA-funded project which seeks to engage children across the region in engineering for sustainability, with a focus on disadvantaged areas. Browse through all available resources.

Previously, Sophie has volunteered her time as Project Leader for Food Cycle Bristol and as Director of Bristol Food Network. She has an educational background in environmental science and sustainable development, with professional experience in environmental communications, marketing and event management.

Key research Interests: community engagement, social science, policy change, urban studies