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Global Sustainable Cities Researcher, Independent Researcher

An innovation and R&D specialist within the global sustainable cities field. With a holistic mindset and integrated design approach, her main areas of interest include the transition towards an ecological future via the possibilities encompassed in the latest urban design theories, energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy engineering and the social factors such as collaboration, citizen empowerment via participatory design methodologies. Indeed, the developing concept of circular economy and the policymaking environments are also of crucial importance.

Niki is also an enthusiastic believer in bottom-up initiatives for social inclusion and passionately roots for 'the right to the city', spending her free time participating in several co-creation initiatives and attending seminars and debates around a number of critically important issues. She has also been involved in a range of service design activities such as facilitating workshops in London around green and sustainability themes and organising the Global Service Jam's Budapest edition in 2016.

Key research Interests: holistic urbanism, participatory urbanism, societal resilience, bottom-up initiatives, ecological design