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Executive, Movimento Sócio-Ambiental Caminho das Águas

Carlos Diego, a Brazilian activist of community water rights and policies, since the 2000s cultivating skills and experiences in social movements, technological innovation in grassroots movements and water governance.

He holds a Bachelor in Social Sciences and an MBA in IT Governance in Sustainability, both at University of São Paulo. He also holds a Masters Degree in Water Resources Management and Regulation at São Paulo State University, PROFÁGUA. Develops activities and researches on water resources, permaculture with digital platforms, associative organizations, swarm intelligence and cybernetics.

Currently, Carlos Diego is director of the NGO Caminho das Águas, Guardian of the Kernel at Porto Rural, curator of Baia Hacker Space, editor at Águas.ML and executive of Cria Corpo.

Key research Interests: permaculture, technology, AI, rights of nature