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Project Manager, Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources

Dr. Margarita N. Lavides is a senior non-profit marine conservation scientist and manager skilled in department and project management and research focused on marine conservation science and practice and natural resource management, including for marine protected areas, threatened marine fish and small scale fisheries, in the Philippines. Interested in the interface between natural and social sciences especially in environmental history, social-ecological systems, resilience science, ecological economics, fishers' knowledge and cognitive science.

Has nine years of management/supervisory experience. Has the ability to lead the crafting and execution of organisational and departmental strategies drawn from externally and internally produced knowledge products, emerging global trends, innovations and future thinking, in conservation and science.Nimble in facilitating collaboration and capturing opportunities in partnering with stakeholders and other strategic partners.

Key research Interests: Marine conservation, Threatened Fish Species, Species Extinction, Small-scale Fisheries, Fishers' Knowledge, Mixed Models, Environmental History, Ecological Economics

Skype: marge.lavides