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Research Associate Professor, Jackson Estuarine Laboratory

Dr. David Burdick is Research Associate Professor of Coastal Ecology and Restoration in the Department of Natural Resources at the University of New Hampshire, where he has taught wetlands courses over the past sixteen years. He received a doctorate in Marine Sciences at LSU in Baton Rouge. His study of coastal science spans 35 years, concentrating on coastal ecosystems, assessing human impacts, and planning, implementing and assessing habitat restoration at the Jackson Estuarine Laboratory, where he serves as Interim Director. In 2012 he won the Susan Snow-Cotter Visionary Award from the Gulf of Maine Council for the Marine Environment for his efforts to restore vitally important habitats and reconnect people to benefit from them. He recently published a book with Charles Roman to translate and extend lessons learned from tidal restoration of salt marshes in the Northeast US and Canada. Outreach products include Dock Design with the Environment in Mind (to protect eelgrass), Eelgrass Site Selection Model, and two habitat restoration atlases for coastal New Hampshire. Recent projects include: shoreline rehabilitation at sites in NH and Maine, coastal resilience initiatives to plan for sea level rise in Exeter and Portsmouth NH, and measuring responses of salt marshes to rising sea level, including blue carbon storage.

Key research Interests: Habitat restoration (tidal marsh, seagrass, oysters, dunes), ecosystem services, human impacts (including climate change)