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Research Fellow, University of Tasmania

Dr Kirsty Nash is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Marine Socioecology in the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. She is interested in the resilience of marine ecosystems. Her research sits at the nexus between resilience theory and empiricism: she is particularly interested in testing the practical application of theory with empirical data and modelling. Her research is split into three main areas: i) the cross-scale and spatial resilience of ecological communities, using discontinuity analysis and approaches to elucidate cross-scale patterns; ii) ecological indicators for data-poor, tropical fisheries; and iii) the functional and spatial ecology of fishes. Important underlying themes of her research are body size distributions, the importance of structural and habitat complexity in driving community composition, and cross-scale patterns, interactions and feedbacks.

Key research Interests: marine social-ecological systems; function; discontinuities; cross-scale patterns; fisheries