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Director, Australian Resilience Centre

Paul Ryan is the founding Director of the Australian Resilience Centre, a company that aims to increase the capacity of individuals, communities and organisations to meet future challenges. In particular he focuses on the application of social-ecological resilience, adaptive governance and management and social learning building capacity to create different futures. Over the last decade Paul has worked as an advisor to federal, state and regional agencies incorporating resilience concepts into natural resource management and planning. Over this time he has conducted more than 450 days of workshops and training with stakeholders to developed resilience based strategies and plans. Paul has previously worked for the Resilience Alliance - the international network responsible for the development of resilience theory, and with CSIRO coordinating ecological and multi-disciplinary research. In 2012 he founded the Resilience Planning Community of Practice, an Australian based network of resilience practitioners.

Key research Interests: resilience assessment, planning and practice

Skype: aus_resilience_centre