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Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral

This dialogue-based workshop lies in the development of strategies intended to conduct
an exploratory study on the impact of Patagonian dams to be built in the Province of
Santa Cruz, Argentina, by approaching to social networks analysis ARS (acronym in
The hydroelectric exploitation of Santa Cruz River constitutes a crucial work for
energetic development in Argentina. It consists of the construction of two dams located
on Santa Cruz River with the scope of generating renewable energy for the whole nation.
Hydroelectric power is a main component of development and helps to meet electricity
requirements; nevertheless, it often leads to an endless number of environmental and
social changes that may affect fresh water ecosystems and their services.
As a result, those populations that may be negatively affected include: directly displaced
families, host communities where families are re-established, and riverside communities,
especially those located downstream dam, whose livelihood and access to resources are
affected to different extent.

Key research Interests: social network analysis SNA

Skype: gusnavarro2