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PhD Candidate, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Jamila is a PhD candidate at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, where she studies sources of resilience in biocultural landscapes which are characterised by high agricultural and cultural diversity, as well as persistent poverty.

She works part time with SwedBio, a knowledge interface working for resilient ecosystem management, where she coordinates an initiative with the Agricultural Biodiversity Community called Communities Self Assessing Resilience which promotes a process drawing on multiple resilience assessment methodologies, focusing on narrative methodologies and participatory indicator development.

Jamila has a background as a development practitioner, and worked with the Aga Khan Foundation in Tajikistan and Afghanistan, where she coordinated a cross border rural development programme. She is co-author of the book: With our hands: A celebration of food and life in the Pamir Mountains of Afghanistan and Tajikistan (2015), which documents traditional knowledge and tells the story of a rapidly changing cultural landscape.

Key research Interests: Biocultural diversity, development, communities self assessing resilience, poverty alleviation, participatory

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